To God Through Money: Fall 2019

Release: Fall 2019

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Author Biography

After Mohamed's first 2 years of colorful university life, he converted to Islam. As a student of Hamza Yusuf, upon graduation, Mohamed went overseas to study the Islamic sciences for 4 years in Syria, Morocco and Mauritania with some of the most renowned legal and spiritual scholars of the Muslim world. He spent his final two years with Murabit al Hajj in the Saharan Desert. After studying abroad and becoming fluent in Arabic, Mohamed returned to California and stumbled upon entrepreneurship.

Geraldez continues to brainstorm how he can bring his most challenging endeavor, ReCenter Finance, to market in a meaningful way – Shariah compliant student loans in the USA. He briefly speaks about Halal student loans in this video.

In addition to writing "To God through Money", Mohamed was also asked to present his unique personal story in the book by White Cloud Publications "All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim." The book can be ordered at